While that may seem like a bit

Because it is lightweight and breakable, plastic patio sets need to be replaced Patio Dining Sets every few years. With that, teak patio sets offer a number of advantages over the competition that make it not only a dependable way to spend your money, but they also exhibit a timeless grace and beauty that you cant find elsewhere. Taking the plunge with a major buy such as furniture can be a nerve wracking proposition, but knowing the facts is the best way to make sure of a sound investment. Another thing to remember is that all teak is imported from Southeast Asia, Central or South America. Your neighbor has long been touting the virtues of teak patio sets, but youre not quite yet convinced. One thing to remember about teak patio sets is that teak is some of the strongest wood used in furniture so it is not likely to break down, rot or become infested.
While that may seem like a bit of sticker shock, other types of wood like wicker, cedar and cypress can cost just as much. All of that can add up to a hefty price tab. More than that though is the fact that teak will hold up for so long you may never need to buy another patio set again.So youre looking to invest in long lasting and good looking outdoor furniture. Other materials, like plastic, will offer cheaper options, but for the consumer looking for a long term buy, plastic may not be the way to go. However, because of its popularity and high demand retailers can offer teak patio sets at competitive prices, unlike many other imported goods and resources. Also, because of teaks naturally produced oils, it will hold its natural beauty longer and will not be as susceptible to cracking. Also, even if not ready to commit to a large scale set, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of teak patio sets starting out small with teak planters, flooring and even teak dog and cat houses.
From a purely monetary standpoint, teak chairs will normally run about $200 to $700 apiece, with full teak patio sets costing between $1,000 for smaller sets to around $5,000 on the higher end for larger or more ornate styles. Consider a few more reasons why you should take a chance on teak, and understand why this durable hardwood has been the choice of furniture builders for centuries. Talk about a money saver. Metal patio sets can also be very pricy, and with them there is always the risk of rusting. .
Wicker, a viable alternative for indoors or sunrooms, is the most fragile and prone to breaking down over time, but other softwoods (pine included) also require more maintenance than teak and are more likely to decay from environmental factors over the years. What all of that amounts to is less upkeep, meaning less money spent on costly sealants and cleaners. Not only that, metal is heavy and hard to move and usually requires additional cushions to be comfortable enough to sit on.